A I R   F R A C T U R I N G


There is potential to feel less and less hindered by gravity, to see lines of movement so fluid and free from friction that the climber can begin to forget the technical structures that let them climb in the first place.

Technique underlies movement but it should never be the reason to tree climb, to do tree work. Tree climbing is potentially a means to uniquely understand structure and the surrounding environment. As a climber gains fluidity they learn through osmosis. Climbing fills one with chemical, biological, entomological and aromatical wonder.

Rope points set parameters for ‘air-fracturing’. As the body moves it creates localized fractals that emerge and vanish at points of friction. This is imaginative conjecture, images help form new process and ideas!

As the body moves through air, fine lined and quickly reforming fractals emerge and disappear. While walking, the contact friction between foot and ground produce different shapes and colours. Suspended in equilibrium between 2 anchor points with contact friction at the belay and anchor (friction at the belay = single rope…friction at belay/anchor/other rope contact points = doubled rope).

Heavy friction and slow movement producing dark red/purple fractals which contrast to light blue/green with low friction and fast movement.

The fractured air and tree interplay zone. Feet, legs, balance, grounding.