In an attempt to understand practical Arboriculture in as deep a sense as possible this two yearly event invites international and national arborists, body specialists, aroma professionals, dancers and artists (among others) to gather for a week and explore ideas with fifteen students

The Wooden Hand is indebted to our friend and fellow Arborist Robert Knott who has deepened our physical understandings of climbing arboriculture through a subject called 'Body Sense'.  Body Sense goes further into the intricacies of technique than any standard training.  It connects our spirits to our bodies and our bodies to the earth,  and creates potential for powerful climbing interactions.

The locations are coastal and the deep blue of the autumnal Pacific ocean quite literally knock ones socks off.  

The Wooden Hand is for Arborists, irregardless of affiliations, we look forward to meeting you and climbing together.

豊浦神社      Toyoura Shrine

速水林業      Hayami Forest