三重2     2017

三重3           2019/11/4-9

三重4    2021

In  an  attempt  to  understand  Practical  Arboriculture  in  as  deep  a  sense  as  possible  this  two  yearly  event  invites  international  and  national  arborists,  body specialists,  aroma professionals, dancers  and  artists  (among others)  to  gather  for  a  week  and  explore  ideas  with  fifteen  students.   'Mie 3'  will  host  two  international  climbers,  four  Japan  based  arborists  as  well  as  a breathing  specialist.   The  rarity  of  the  event  means  that  if  you  have  any  interest  in  trees,  rope  or  movement  you  will  certainly  benefit  from  it  and  will  surely  take  away  great  skills, memories  and  friendships.   As  well  as  the  day  time  activities  we  will  be  joined  by  a  number  of  special  guests  for  conversation  and  lectures  in  the  evenings.

Toyoura Shrine

Day 1 (4th): Issou    Breathing    Interactive

Day 2 (5th): Kevin Bingham    Climbers Movement    Demonstration/Interactive

Hayami Forest

Day 3 (6th): Paul Poynter    Rigging System Design    Interactive

Day 4 (7th): Yuji Kitaoka    Aerial Cutting Technique    Interactive

Day 5 (8th): Seiji Komatsu    Forces in Rigging Systems    Interactive

Nakaguma Forest

Day 3, 4 and 5 (6th, 7th, 8th): Janosch Heimbucher & Hiroshi Okaue    Beginners Climbing Workshop —  Interactive

Hayami Forest

Day 6 (9th): Maruichi    Art Event


The Toyoura climbing workshops will expand on ideas set by our previous teachers, Robert Knott, Rumi Kanai, Eric Whipple and Joe Harris and are focused on the body and climbing techniques.  Becoming skilled at climbing is about understanding foundational aspects, a lot of which can be learnt off rope by developing and attuning ones own relation to ones own body.  Issou will teach Kokyu Seitai in order for a daily remedial routine to be inspired and learnt.  

“Physical flexibility is important but more than that a sensitive understanding of ones own body can elevate physical skills beyond ones imagination”.  

Rope skills are vital too and Kevin Bingham, will cover a variety of fundamental and cutting edge techniques to include but not be limited to:  movement overview, positioning basics, free climbing, climbing the prehensile tail, double and single climbing related to tools, using two ropes, injury and fatigue prevention, flexibility, strength, balance and ambidexterity.  

Cost = 1day ¥30000/2days ¥55000


The Hayami Forest rigging workshops feature three teachers discussing three subjects over three days.  All subjects will use the same Reeve System to explore ideas about Rigging System Design, Aerial Cutting Techniques and Forces Within The System.  Paul Poynter will offer a class room discussion on universal system design and offer a systematic approach when designing and using systems.  By the end of day one all students will have designed and built a Reeve system.  Yuji Kitaoka will give a detailed explanation of an Arborist’s cutting vocabulary and then all students will climb, cut and rig with the Reeve System.  An analytical and computerised approach will be used by Seiji Komatsu to look at forces in the Reeve and other ‘high line’ type systems.

 Previous experience is recommended in order to get the most benefit from this teaching.

Cost = 1 day ¥30000/2 days ¥55000/3 days ¥80000

Beginners Workshop

Janosch Heimbauer and Hiroshi Okaue will run a three day beginners climbing workshop.  Study and training will include but not be limited to knots, equipment knowledge, climbing technique, throwing technique, safety at height and efficiency while climbing.  


Cost ¥800000

Maruichi Art Event

Maruichi will present a one day art event that will inspire all to look with new eyes at nature.  The event will include live aerial painting by Seizo Tashima, Interactive digital installation by Maotik and live song from Sizzle Ohtaka.

 Janosch Heimbucher (Beginners Climbing)

My name is Janosch Heimbucher, I am 33 years old and live in Germany. In 2011 I made my first experiences in tree climbing by taking part in a basic tree climbing workshop. Getting interested in what trees are, I visited a three weeks course for european treeworker certificate in 2013. The workshop was focused on biologics and tree mantainance (tree care). I was thrilled and was keen on learning more about climbing techniques, treeclimbing gear and how to make coexistence between trees and humans possible in urban areas. Therefore I started leaving my hometown for traveling to other places to meet arborists and experienced tree climbers to work with and share knowledge. Since then I continuously improved my climbing skills and started giving tree climbing workshops in 2017. I basically work all over Germany as a subcontractor in monumental tree maintenance, tree-care, tree felling, seed harvest and as tree climbing instructor. 

Hiroshi Okaue (Beginners Climbing)

Each of us, trees and humans have a great life force, and I respect that.

I have this feeling both when I'm climbing in the tree or am standing by the tree on the ground.

The work site is always a balance between pleasing the client and finding the best solution for the tree, I hope that both are satisfied with my result.

I've met so many wonderful people and trees through tree work and hope to continue to do so.
Hiroshi lives in Nagano with his wife and children.  He works for Maruichi as a climber.  He loves travelling.


Sumire Poynter (Breathing)



























 Kevin Bingham (Climbers Movement)

My passion for climbing and trees started as a very young child.  Through grade school I practiced gymnastics and tumbling every chance that I could get.  The tree in my backyard was where I spent my time every day after school.  In middle school I was lucky to get trapeze training at our local YMCA and spent a summer learning circus skills at a circus during their training break.  Every weekend in high school I spent at the cliffs in the Rocky Mountains, rock climbing with friends.  My relationship with the outdoors has been both physical and natural.  I have always loved watching things grow and the processes of natural life.  I began working for a tree care company as soon as I graduated high school and it has been the only job I have ever had.  It has been the one occupation that has satisfied my love for the outdoors and my love of physical movement.  I had the opportunity to go to college where I studied environmental science and dance.  After graduating college in 2001, I have continued my career as an arborist and started my own business in 2008.  My love for climbing has led me on a path of creating tools specific to the arborist industry such as the Rope Wrench, the Rope Runner, the Quickie, and the Rigging Wrench.  I live in Detroit with my wife Emily who runs the business with me.   We have three kids, Vivienne, Zoey, and Grace.  

Paul Poynter (Rigging System Design)
 An arborist must build up many sides of themselves in order to be great.  The technical side of tree work is fascinating, almost a never ending exploration, though a truly great arborist must stop themselves to remember that technique is not the destination, the tree, and the human capacity for intellectual, physical and spiritual discourse towards it, is the destination.

 In Japan Paul is head technician and director at Maruichi and advises and writes technical articles for ODSK.  He is known internationally for his forward thinking approach to climbing and rigging system design and has lectured in the UK, Germany and USA.



Yuji Kitaoka (Aerial Cutting Techniques)

 Yuji owns and runs Musashi Tree Service and is a trained Niwashi as well as Arborist.  He is known internationally for his big laugh and kind heart.  He has pioneered many techniques in the Tokyo area and is a leading light for aerial tree work.

Seiji Komatsu (Forces)
Personally I think that human beings can not live without trees.  My theme is how we live with trees.  Human beings try to live securely and without suffering and strive to make their urban environment modern and relevant and as they construct they seem to take away from nature.  Aiming for a sustainable life with trees and other forms of nature, aiming for a correct balance is always interesting and important.  Don’t you think that this is right? In many ways the human nature is similar to the tree as it is formed by its local environment, climate and other influence so we need many ideas to form a good balance and because of this the tree job is always different and it is never boring.

Komatsu began aerial treework 15 years ago and is renowned for his originality.  He displays logical and creative thinking when problem solving.  He lives in Nagano and runs Arbor Works, is a consultant to Maruichi and trainer for the Wood Tower Association.



豊かな生活にするためにも樹と人間、その他の環境も含めてどの様にバランスを取っていくのか?とても興味深いと思わないか? 人間の性格は樹と一緒でそれぞれの土地風土によって多様化しています。バランスのとり方も一つじゃない。樹 の仕事は毎回変化があって飽きないよね。

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